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America will choose its future on November 2, 2010, when we choose the people who will represent us in the government.  If we are to have a government that exists to secure our unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then we must elect people whose actions demonstrate a strong dedication to the principles of freedom enshrined in our Constitution. 

Our task is to not only identify those candidates, but to inform them of our expectations, and to assure them of our support when they defend the Constitution and of our wrath when they do not.

Our task is also to recruit and inspire our family, our neighbors and our friends to get actively involved in the coming elections.  Work in a candidateís campaign; organize a drive in your neighborhood to register all U.S. citizens, or assemble a team of drivers to take people to the polls on Election Day.

The future will be whatever we make it.

There is a local organization in your state working to achieve these goals.  Find it.  Join it. Support it, and working together, your community can elect candidates who share your values for your city, for your county, for your state, and for our nation.

If we all do what we did during the last election cycle, freedom will slip further into the past.  We must do more, much more during this election cycle, and we canít get started too soon.  Assume the responsibility of organizing your precinct for your local organization, or helping the person who is already working at this task.

Success means getting informed, getting involved, and getting rid of elected officials who cannot pledge to support these principles of freedom.

Candidates worthy of consideration must demonstrate a firm devotion to these principles of freedom, and be willing to publicly pledge to support them:

1. All people have inherent, natural, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property, in their pursuit of happiness.

2. Governments exist expressly to protect these rights.

3. Governmentís power derives from the consent of the governed, and is limited to those powers enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.

4. Public policies which constrain people's rights must be enacted only by representatives elected by the people Ė not by appointed agency officials.

5. Freedom requires a free market economy with minimal government intrusion.

6. Freedom and security demand abundant, affordable energy and food production, which requires high priority utilization of domestic carbon-based and alternative fuel resources, as well as land and water resources.

7. Government has no authority to restrict or suppress non-violent religious expression..

8. No foreign or international government shall supersede the authority of the government of the United States of America.

Any candidate, incumbent or newcomer, who cannot, or will not pledge to support these principles, should not be elected to any position in any government. Incumbents who are running for re-election have a voting record.  Find out how they voted on important bills.  What they have done in office is a far better indicator of what they will do than anything they may say during an election campaign.

Newcomers have no voting record, so it will be more difficult to measure the depth of their devotion to the Constitution.  Find people who have known a new candidate for a while.  Learn all you can about their basic values of honesty, family, and sense of duty.

This election may be the last chance we have, to save the freedoms our founders gave us.  For too long, we have accepted leaders who donít care what the Constitution requires.  All the branches of the federal government in Washington have long ignored the Constitution.  Government has imposed restrictions on freedom that are well beyond reasonable, and many are absolutely absurd.

 It is time to return to the Constitution.

This election may be our last chance.  What you do from this day until Election Day will make a difference.  Each of us must do all we can do.

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