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The ideas of governance on which America is founded represent, perhaps, man's greatest achievement. The idea that government must be empowered only by the consent of the governed, is the most powerful idea about governance ever conceived. At the end of the day, it is the idea, and the system of governance, that will guide all people to healthy, happy, and prosperous lives.

But there is little to prevent the world from suffering through another century, or millennium for that matter, of the inevitable oppression that results from self-empowered government that grants, or denies, freedom and wealth to its citizens.

The mission of Freedom21 is to advance and promote
the principles of freedom at every level of government.

A collection of commentaries, thoughts, and ideas
on the issues we face in the
advancement and defense of the principles of freedom.


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Freedom21 Alternative to the United Nation's Agenda 21 Program for Sustainable Development

United Nation's Agenda 21 Program for Sustainable Development


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10th Annual
Freedom21 National Conference

Sheraton Hotel at the Reed Conference Center
Midwest City, Oklahoma
August 13 - 15, 2009

Celebrating 10 Years of Advancing
and Protecting the Principles of Freedom!

Sponsored by:

American Policy Center
Freedom21, Inc.


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Constitutional Alliance | Eagle Forum | EdWatch | Freedom Advocates
Gun Owners of America | Institute for Principled Policy | Liberty Coalition
National Center for Constitutional Studies | OK-SAFE, Inc.
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Conference Information

Those who have attended our Conferences in the past know it is a tradition to present to our attendees the leaders and speakers who are at the forefront of the issues that threaten our freedoms. This year will be no different, and promises to be even better!

The Conference this year will include discussions on international policies and treaties like the U.N.'s Agenda 21 and its policy of Sustainable Development - a top down control that stamps out private property, limited government, and free enterprise. Other topics will include the assault on Health Freedom; the threat of an International ID system through Real ID; the scam called Climate Change; the new state Sovereignty movement; how private property can end poverty; gun rights; doing away with the Federal Reserve; the real reasons children aren't learning in the public classrooms; how the Trans Texas Corridor is being defeated on the local level; and much, much more.

There will also be training sessions, breakout sessions, and opportunities to interact with the speakers. And, you will not want to miss the Awards Banquet when the coveted "Freedom's Heroes Award" is presented.

Some of the guest speakers and their topics that you will have an opportunity to hear at this Conference include:

Chuck Baldwin -
2008 Presidential Candidate

"Attacks on the Freedom Movement"

Catherine Bleish -
Liberty Restoration Project

"The grassroots in Action:
Achieving quantifiable results"

Sen. Randy Brogdon -
Oklahoma State Senator

"America, we have a problem - How to Restore America to Constitutional Principles"

Dan Byfield -
American Land Foundation

"How Coordination is Protecting
People Locally - the TTC Fight"

Michael Chapman -

"President Obama and the U.N. Agenda to Control American Education"

Dr. Michael Coffman -
Sovereignty International

"Global Governance"

Tom DeWeese -
American Policy Center

"Globally-acceptable Truth and the Crime of Thinking"

G. Edward Griffin -
Freedom Force International

"The Creature from Jekyll Island"

Rep. Charles Key -
Oklahoma State Representative

The State Sovereignty Movement - Taking Back the Constitutional Power of the States

Mark Lerner -
Constitutional Alliance

"Global Information Sharing"

Dr. Jeff Marrongelle

"How the Feds are Stealing Your Health Care Choices"

Judith McGeary -
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
Liberty Ark Coalition

"NAIS and HR 2749"

Marc Morano -
Communications Director for Senator Inholfe's Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

"Climate Change"

Dr. Jane Orient -
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

"Caps, Quotas, and Czars:
the Plan to Wreck American Medicine"

Larry Pratt -
Gun Owners of America

"Real ID and Gun Control"

Allen Quist -

"Censored History in the Classrooms"

Jim Robinson -

"How to be a Paul Revere in your precinct, district, or city"

Rep. Sam Rohrer -
Pennsylvania State Representative

"Real ID and the PASS ID"

Bob Schulz -
We The People Foundation

"Continental Congress 2009"

Michael Shaw -
Freedom Advocates

"Fiat Money and the Sustainable Action Plan"

Amanda Teegarden -

"Fusion Centers - Gathering and Sharing Intelligence"

Scott Tips, JD -
National Health Federation

"Codex Alimentarius"

Patrick Wood -
The August Review

"Dark Moon Rising -
The Technetronic Era"

Jim Worthing -
Master Entertainer

If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of our Conferences, we invite you to click here and review the programs from the past nine years.

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